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Featured Publications  Ryan, M., ... , 2022, State level income inequality affects cardiovascular stress responses: Evidence from the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) study., Soc Sci Med

 Mahon, E., ... , 2022, Voice biomarkers as indicators of cognitive changes in middle and later adulthood., Neurobiol Aging

 Viola, M., ... , 2022, Associations between beta-blocker use and psychological distress in bereaved adults with cardiovascular conditions., Stress and Health

 Lockwood, K. ... , 2022, Effects of chronic burden across multiple domains and experiences of daily stressors on negative affect., Ann Behav Med

 Pedersen, W. ... , 2022, Individual variation in white matter microstructure is related to better recovery from negative stimuli., Emotion

 French, K. ... , 2022, Childhood psychological maltreatment and work-family conflict throughout adulthood: A test of self-concept and social mechanisms., J Occup Health Psychol

 Imami, L., ... , 2022, Links between socioeconomic status, daily depressive affect, diurnal cortisol patterns, and all-cause mortality. , Psychosom Med

 Piazza, J. ... , 2022, Age differences in allostatic load among veterans: The importance of combat exposure., J Trauma Stress


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