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Featured Publications  Homan, K. ... , 2023, Self-acceptance in mid to late life: Lingering effects of childhood maltreatment and positive contributions of warm and supportive relationships., J Adult Dev

 O'Shields, J. ... , 2023, Sex differences in childhood maltreatment, inflammation, and adulthood depression: A network analysis., Brain Behav Immun Health

 Yu, C.-W. ... , 2023, Habitual expressive suppression of positive, but not negative, emotions consistently predicts lower well-being across two culturally distinct regions., Affect Sci

 Keogh, T. ... , 2023, Behavioural clusters characteristic of cardiovascular reactivity profiles relate to poorer health outcomes., Br J Health Psychol

 Choi, J. ... , 2023, The moderating role of neighborhood disadvantage on the link between functional limitations and self-rated health., PLoS ONE

 Magee, ... , 2023, Earnings, intersectional earnings inequality, disappointment in one's life achievements and life (dis)satisfaction., J Happiness Stud

 Narisada, ... , 2023, Work stressors and the buffering functions of the sense of control in the United States and Japan: A test of the diminished buffering hypothesis., Society and Mental Health

 Moore, A., ... , 2024, Weight underestimation as a potential contributor to US obesity., Int J Clin Case Stud Med Case Rep


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