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Featured Publications  Willroth, E. ... , 2020, Being Happy and Becoming Happier as Independent Predictors of Physical Health and Mortality.,  Psychosom Med

 Tighe, C. ... , 2021, Multidimensional sleep health and physical functioning in older adults., Gerontol Geriatr Med

 Busseri, M. ... , 2020, Bottom-up or top-down? Examining global and domain-specific evaluations of how one's life is unfolding over time., J Pers

 Lee, S., ... , 2021, Change is good for the brain: Activity diversity and cognitive functioning across adulthood., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Gustavson, D. ... , 2021, Genetic and environmental influences on semantic verbal fluency across midlife and later life., Behav Genet

 French, K. ... , 2022, Childhood psychological maltreatment and work-family conflict throughout adulthood: A test of self-concept and social mechanisms., J Occup Health Psychol

 Yao Lin, ... , 2021, Associations between social media use, physical activity, and emotional well-being from the Midlife in the United States refresher daily diary study., J Aging Phys Act

 Jankowsky, K., ... , 2022, Validation and generalizability of machine learning prediction models on attrition in longitudinal studies., Int J Behav Dev


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