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Featured Publications  South, S. ... , 2017, Biometric modeling of gene-environment interplay: The intersection of theory and method and applications for social inequality., J Pers

 Luo, J., ... , 2017, Genetic and environmental pathways underlying personality traits and perceived stress: Concurrent and longitudinal twin studies. , Eur J Pers

 Whillans, A. ... , 2016,  Is spending money on others good for your heart?, Health Psychol

 Versey, H. ... , 2018, Work-family spillover and metabolic syndrome indicators: Findings from a national sample., J Health Psychol

 Kitayama, S., ... , 2018, Behavioral adjustment moderates the link between neuroticism and biological health risk: A U.S.-Japan comparison study., Pers Soc Psychol Bull

 Barrett, A., ... , 2017, Variation in subjective aging by sexual minority status: An examination of four perspectives., Int J Aging Hum Dev

 Miyamoto, Y., ... , 2018, Culture and social hierarchy: Self- and other-oriented correlates of socioeconomic status across cultures., J Pers Soc Psychol

 Glei, D. ... , 2018, Perception has its own reality: Subjective versus objective measures of economic distress., Popul Dev Rev


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