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Featured Publications  Kaveladze, B., ... , 2020, Social relationship quality, depression and inflammation: A cross-cultural longitudinal study in the United States and Tokyo, Japan., Int J Soc Psychiatry

 Signs, T. ... , 2020, Linking family and intimate partner relationships to chronic pain: An application of the biobehavioral family model., Fam Syst Health

 Glei, D. ... , 2020, Socioeconomic disparities in U.S. Mortality: The role of smoking and alcohol/drug abuse., SSM - Population Health

 Anderson, A. ... , 2020, Enjoying nature, exercise, social interaction, and affect: A daily diary study., J Health Psychol

 Hecht, M., ... , 2020, Integrating out nuisance parameters for computationally more efficient Bayesian estimation- an illustration and tutorial., Struct Equ Modeling

 Hittner, E. ... , 2019, Socioeconomic status as a moderator of the link between reappraisal and anxiety: Laboratory-based and longitudinal evidence., Emotion

 Link, B. ... , 2021, Diversions: How the underrepresentation of research on advantaged groups leaves explanations for health inequalities incomplete., J Health Soc Behav

 Fuller-Rowell, T. ... , 2021, A changing landscape of health opportunity in the United States: Increases in the strength of association between childhood socioeconomic disadvantage and adult health between the 1990s and the 2010s., Am J Epidemiol


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