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Featured Publications  Son, J., ... , 2012, Using normative theory to explain the effect of religion and education on volunteering., Sociological Perspectives

 Bogg, T., ... , 2015, Activity mediates conscientiousness' relationship to diurnal cortisol slope in a national sample., Health Psychol

 Mann, S. ... , 2015, Integrating affective and cognitive correlates of heart rate variability: A structural equation modeling approach., Int J Psychophysiol

 Taha, F., ... , 2014, Secondhand smoke exposure across the life course and the risk of adult-onset depression and anxiety disorder.,  J Affect Disord

 Doyle, D. ... , 2014, Perceived discrimination as a stressor for close relationships: Identifying psychological and physiological pathways., J Behav Med

 Chen, Y., ... , 2012, Enacted support and well-being: A test of the mediating role of perceived control., Communication Studies

 Grzywacz, J. ... , 2016, Workplace exposures and cognitive function during adulthood: Evidence from national survey of midlife development and the O*NET., J Occup Environ Med

 Crowley, O. ... , 2015, Vagal recovery from cognitive challenge moderates age-related deficits in executive functioning., Res Aging

 Marcus, D. ... , 2013, The latent structure of generalized anxiety disorder in midlife adults., Psychiatry Res

 Petersen, I., ... , 2016, G x E interaction influences trajectories of hand grip strength., Behav Genet


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