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Featured Publications  Kmec, J. ... , 2011, Are motherhood penalties and fatherhood bonuses warranted? Comparing pro-work behaviors and conditions of mothers, fathers, and non-parents. , Soc Sci Res

 Goodwin, R. ... , 2014, A 10-year prospective study of respiratory disease and depression or anxiety in adulthood., Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol

 Son, J., ... , 2012, Using normative theory to explain the effect of religion and education on volunteering., Sociological Perspectives

 Archontaki, D., ... , 2013, Genetic influences on psychological well-being: A nationally representative twin study., J Pers

 Lundborg, ... , 2013, The health returns to schooling- what can we learn from twins?, J Popul Econ

 Friedman, E. ... , 2011, Sleep quality, social well-being, gender, and inflammation: An integrative analysis in a national sample., Ann N Y Acad Sci

 Cooper, K. ... , 2013, Prevalence of visits to five types of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners by the general population: A systematic review., Complement Ther Clin Pract

 Chou, R., ... , 2011, Prevalence and correlates of perceived workplace discrimination among older workers in the United States of America., Ageing Soc

 Zimprich, D., ... , 2012, Factorial structure and age-related psychometrics of the MIDUS personality adjective items across the life span., Psychol Assess

 Barker, E. ... , 2012, Daily stress and cortisol patterns in parents of adult children with a serious mental illness., Health Psychol


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