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Featured Publications  Cooper, K. ... , 2013, Prevalence of visits to five types of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners by the general population: A systematic review., Complement Ther Clin Pract

 Schaefer, S. ... , 2013, Purpose in life predicts better emotional recovery from negative stimuli., PLoS ONE

 Hill, P. ... , 2012, Examining Concurrent and Longitudinal Relations Between Personality Traits and Social Well-being in Adulthood , Soc Psychol Personal Sci

 Dmitrieva, N. ... , 2013, A day-centered approach to modeling cortisol: Diurnal cortisol profiles and their associations among U.S. Adults., Psychoneuroendocrinology

 Charles, S. ... , 2013, The wear-and-tear of daily stressors on mental health., Psychol Sci

 Cichy, K. ... , 2013, A double-edged sword: Race, daily family support exchanges, and daily well-being., J Fam Issues

 Miller, G. ... , 2011, Pathways to resilience: Maternal nurturance as a buffer against the Effects of childhood poverty on metabolic syndrome at Midlife., Psychol Sci

 Littvay, L., ... , 2011, Sense of control and voting: A genetically-driven relationship., Soc Sci Q

 Son, J., ... , 2012, Volunteer work and hedonic, eudemonic, and social well-being., Sociol Forum

 Persoskie, A., ... , 2014, Precancer risk perceptions predict postcancer subjective well-being., Health Psychol


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