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Featured Publications  Strohacker, K., ... , 2013, Contributions of body mass index and exercise habits on inflammatory markers: A cohort study of middle-aged adults living in the USA., BMJ Open

 Novin, S., ... , 2013, Self-related and other-related pathways to subjective well-being in Japan and the United States., J Happiness Stud

 Tsenkova, V. ... , 2011, Perceived weight discrimination amplifies the link between central adiposity and nondiabetic glycemic control (HbA(1c))., Ann Behav Med

 Charles, S. ... , 2013, The wear-and-tear of daily stressors on mental health., Psychol Sci

 Swann, J. ... , 2013, Microbial-mammalian co-metabolites dominate the age-associated urinary metabolic phenotype in Taiwanese and American populations., J Proteome Res

 Friedman, E. ... , 2011, Sleep quality, social well-being, gender, and inflammation: An integrative analysis in a national sample., Ann N Y Acad Sci

 Tsenkova, V. ... , 2014, Anger, adiposity, and glucose control in nonidabetic adults: Findings from MIDUS II., J Behav Med

 Qian, X., ... , 2014, Does leisure time moderate or mediate the effect of daily stress on positive affect? An examination using eight-day diary data. , J Leis Res

 Dainese, S. ... , 2011, Protective factors in Midlife: How do people stay healthy?, GeroPsych

 Friedman, E. ... , 2012, Social strain and cortisol regulation in Midlife in the US., Soc Sci Med


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