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Featured Publications  Toyama, ... , 2022, Longitudinal associations between personal growth and cognitive functioning in adulthood., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Caceres, B. ... , 2022, Investigating the associations between childhood trauma and cardiovascular health in midlife., J Trauma Stress

 Lockwood, K. ... , 2022, Effects of chronic burden across multiple domains and experiences of daily stressors on negative affect., Ann Behav Med

 Leger, K. ... , 2022, Discrimination and health: The mediating role of daily stress processes., Health Psychol

 Frank, P., ... , 2022, Overweight, obesity, and individual symptoms of depression: A multicohort study with replication in UK Biobank., Brain Behav Immun

 Joshanloo, ... , 2022, Personality traits and psychological well-being as moderators of the relationship between stressors and negative affect: A daily diary study., Curr Psychol

 Hill, P. ... , 2022, Sense of purpose predicts daily positive events and attenuates their influence on positive affect., Emotion

 Chen, M.-L., ... , 2022, The association of health-related factors with leisure-time physical activity among adults with COPD: A cross-sectional analysis., Healthcare


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