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Featured Publications  Bridger Staatz, ... , 2021,  Life course socioeconomic position and body composition in adulthood: A systematic review and narrative synthesis., Int J Obes

 Hecht, M., ... , 2020, Integrating out nuisance parameters for computationally more efficient Bayesian estimation- an illustration and tutorial., Struct Equ Modeling

 Figueredo, A., ... , 2021, Hybrid behavior-genetic models of the confounding gene-environment correlations in the development of life history strategy: Two convergent approaches., J Methods Meas Soc Sci

 Quinn-Nilas, ... , 2020, Relationship and sexual satisfaction: A developmental perspective on bidirectionality. , J Soc Pers Relat

 Schuch, F. ... , 2019, Physical activity protects from incident anxiety: A meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies., Depress Anxiety

 Hobbs, K. ... , 2020, Big Five personality and CTRA gene expression: Lack of association in a midlife sample of US adults (MIDUS-refresher)., Pers Individ Dif

 Galambos, N. ... , 2021, Another attempt to move beyond the cross-sectional U shape of happiness: A reply., Perspect Psychol Sci

 Surachman, A., ... , 2021, Socioeconomic status trajectories across the life course, daily discrimination, and inflammation among Black and white adults., Psychoneuroendocrinology


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