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Featured Publications  Patterson, J. ... , 2017, Measuring sexual and gender minority populations in health surveillance., LGBT Health

 Gunderson, J., ... , 2017, Emotional cost of emotional support? The association between intensive mothering and psychological well-being in midlife., J Fam Issues

 Chen, E., ... , 2016, Association of reports of childhood abuse and all-cause mortality rates in women., JAMA Psychiatry

 Zainiddinov, ... , 2016, Racial and ethnic differences in perceptions of discrimination among Muslim Americans., Ethn Racial Stud

 Jung, J. ... , 2017, Childhood adversity, religion, and change in adult mental health., Res Aging

 Delaney, R. ... , 2016, Living longer with help from others: Seeking advice lowers mortality risk., J Health Psychol

 Graham, E. ... , 2017, Personality predicts mortality risk: An integrative data analysis of 15 international longitudinal studies., J Res Pers

 Namkung, E. ... , 2016, Well-being of sibling caregivers: Effects of kinship relationship and race., Gerontologist


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