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Featured Publications  Radler, B. ... , 2018, Persistently high psychological well-being predicts better HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels: Findings from the Midlife in the U.S. (MIDUS) longitudinal study, Lipids Health Dis

 Ellis, E. ... , 2018, Trajectories of current and predicted satisfaction with one's life following a cancer diagnosis., Ann Behav Med

 Rudaz, M., ... , 2018, Spiritual coping, perceived growth, and the moderating role of spiritual mindfulness in cancer survivors. , J Psychosoc Oncol

 Charles, S. ... , 2016, Daily events are important for age differences in mean and duration for negative affect but not positive affect., Psychol Aging

 Schrepf, A., ... , 2016, Somatic awareness and tender points in a community sample., J Pain

 Zilioli, S., ... , 2017, Discrimination and anger control as pathways linking socioeconomic disadvantage to allostatic load in midlife., J Psychosom Res

 Magidson, J. ... , 2017, Activity enjoyment, not frequency, is associated with alcohol-related problems and heavy episodic drinking., Psychol Addict Behav

 Stepanikova, I., ... , 2017, Systemic inflammation in midlife: Race, socioeconomic status, and perceived discrimination., Am J Prev Med


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