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Featured Publications  Keyes, C. ... , 2012, Chronological and subjective age differences in flourishing mental health and major depressive episode., Aging Ment Health

 Cohen, M., ... , 2013, The association between bereavement and biomarkers of inflammation. , Behav Med

 Kmec, J. ... , 2011, Are motherhood penalties and fatherhood bonuses warranted? Comparing pro-work behaviors and conditions of mothers, fathers, and non-parents. , Soc Sci Res

 Qian, X. ... , 2014, Is leisure time availability associated with more or less severe daily stressors? An examination using eight-day diary data., Leisure Sciences

 Donoho, C. ... , 2013, Marital quality, gender, and markers of inflammation in the MIDUS cohort., J Marriage Fam

 Littvay, L., ... , 2011, Sense of control and voting: A genetically-driven relationship., Soc Sci Q

 Einolf, C. ... , 2011, Gender differences in the correlates of volunteering and charitable giving., Nonprofit Volunt Sect Q

 Schnittker, J., ... , 2012, Learning to do well or learning to do good? Estimating the effects of schooling on civic engagement, social cohesion, and labor market outcomes in the presence of endowments. , Soc Sci Res

 Einolf, C. ... , 2011, The link between religion and helping others: The role of values, ideas, and language., Sociol Relig

 Ong, A. ... , 2013, Linking stable and dynamic features of positive affect to sleep., Ann Behav Med


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