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Featured Publications  Gough, M., ... , 2018, A multifaceted analysis of social stressors and chronic inflammation, SSM Popul Health

 Rudaz, M., ... , 2018, Spiritual coping, perceived growth, and the moderating role of spiritual mindfulness in cancer survivors. , J Psychosoc Oncol

 Ellis, E. ... , 2018, Trajectories of current and predicted satisfaction with one's life following a cancer diagnosis., Ann Behav Med

 Pahlen, S., ... , 2018, Age-moderation of genetic and environmental contributions to cognitive functioning in mid- and late-life for specific cognitive abilities., Intelligence

 Krizan, Z., ... , 2019, Personality and sleep: Neuroticism and conscientiousness predict behaviourally recorded sleep years later., Eur J Pers

 Urban, E. ... , 2018, Depression history and memory bias for specific daily emotions. , PLoS ONE

 Spears, S. ... , 2019, Sleep: A pathway linking personality to mortality risk. ,  J Res Pers

 Radler, B. ... , 2018, Persistently high psychological well-being predicts better HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels: Findings from the Midlife in the U.S. (MIDUS) longitudinal study, Lipids Health Dis


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