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Featured Publications  Hayduk, I., ... , 2022, Determinants of noncognitive skills: Mediating effects of siblings' interaction and parenting quality., Contemp Econ Policy

 Fitzgerald, M., ... , 2022, Marital quality as a mechanism linking childhood abuse to mental health., J Fam Issues

 Ng, A. ... , 2022, Retrospective reports of socioeconomic disadvantage in childhood and mortality risk: Are associations consistent across measures and sex?, Geroscience

 Duan, ... , 2022, How do caregiving responsibilities affect women's work-family spillovers over the life course?, J Fam Issues

 Toyama, ... , 2022, Longitudinal and age-related implications of primary and secondary control for hedonic and eudaimonic well-being, J Happiness Stud

 Woods, S. ... , 2022, Depressed mood and environmental mastery as potential pathways linking family relationship quality and disease self-management for African Americans with hypertension., Family Process

 Floyd, ... , 2022, Lipidemic effects of kissing are mediated by stress: Results from a national probability sample., Health Communication

 Urban-Wojcik, E. ... , 2022, Emodiversity, health, and well-being in the MIDUS daily diary study., Emotion


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