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Featured Publications  Zilioli, S., ... , 2021, Endocrine and immunomodulatory effects of social isolation and loneliness across adulthood., Psychoneuroendocrinology

 Kim, C., ... , 2021, Intensity of leisure-time physical activity and dimensions of mental well-being: A reciprocal approach using parallel latent growth curve modeling., J Phys Act Health

 Fassbender, K., ... , 2019, Physical and cultural inheritance enhance agency, but what are the origins of this concern to establish a legacy? A nationally-representative twin study of Erikson's concept of generativity., Behav Genet

 Joshanloo, M., ... , 2019, A two-dimensional conceptual framework for understanding mental well-being., PLOS ONE

 Dewitte, L., ... , 2021, Cross-lagged relationships between sense of purpose in life, memory performance, and subjective memory beliefs in adulthood over a 9-year interval., Aging Ment Health

 Yamagata, S., ... , 2020, Moderating effects of religiosity in the genetic and environmental etiology of the Big Five personality traits in adulthood., Psychologia

 Stokes, A. ... , 2021, Loneliness, social isolation, and all-cause mortality in the United States, SSM - Mental Health

 Kim, S. ... , 2021, Longitudinal stability of work-family enrichment and its association with well-being and personality traits., Counseling Psychologist


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