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Featured Publications  Barrett, A. ... , 2018, Housework and sex in midlife marriages: An examination of three perspectives on the association. , Soc Forces

 Mosley-Johnson, E., ... , 2018, Assessing the relationship between adverse childhood experiences and life satisfaction, psychological well-being, and social well-being: United States longitudinal cohort 1995-2014. , Qual Life Res

 Stephan, Y., ... , 2018, Physical activity and personality development over twenty years: Evidence from three longitudinal samples., J Res Pers

 Leger, K. ... , 2018, Let it go: Lingering negative affect in response to daily stressors is associated with physical health years later., Psychol Sci

 Liu, Y., ... , 2019, Education and cognition in mid age and later life: The mediating role of physical and cognitive activity., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Jung, J. ... , 2018, Childhood adversity, religion, and change in adult mental health., Res Aging

 Andersson, M. ... , 2018, An odd ladder to climb: Socioeconomic differences across levels of subjective social status. , Soc Indic Res

 Gough, M., ... , 2018, A multifaceted analysis of social stressors and chronic inflammation, SSM Popul Health


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