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Featured Publications  Cooper, K. ... , 2013, Prevalence of visits to five types of complementary and alternative medicine practitioners by the general population: A systematic review., Complement Ther Clin Pract

 Koffer, R. ... , 2016, Stressor diversity: Introduction and empirical integration into the daily stress model., Psychol Aging

 Qian, X. ... , 2014, Is leisure time availability associated with more or less severe daily stressors? An examination using eight-day diary data., Leisure Sciences

 South, S. ... , 2015, Biometric modeling of gene-environment interplay: The intersection of theory and method and applications for social inequality., J Pers

 Son, J., ... , 2015, The psycho-social processes linking income and volunteering: Chronic financial strain and wellbeing., Sociol Forum

 Goodwin, D. ... , 2012, Childhood physical abuse and respiratory disease in the community: The role of mental health and cigarette smoking., Nicotine Tob Res

 Teo, A. ... , 2013, Social relationships and depression: Ten-year follow-up from a nationally representative study. , PLoS ONE

 Greenfield, E. ... , 2014, Continuity and change in relationships with neighbors: Implications for psychological well-being in middle and later life., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Cooper, T. ... , 2015, Heart rate variability predicts levels of inflammatory markers: Evidence for the vagal anti-inflammatory pathway., Brain Behav Immun

 Luchetti, M., ... , 2014, Five-factor model personality traits and inflammatory markers: New data and a meta-analysis. , Psychoneuroendocrinology


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