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Featured Publications  Boylan, J. ... , 2013, High anger expression exacerbates the relationship between age and metabolic syndrome., J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci

 Ford, M. ... , 2013, Perceived unfairness at work, social and personal resources, and resting blood pressure., Stress Health

 Ong, A. ... , 2011, Spousal loss predicts alterations in diurnal cortisol activity through prospective changes in positive emotion., Health Psychol

 Heller, A. ... , 2013, Sustained ventral striatal activity predicts eudaimonic well-being and cortisol output., Psychol Sci

 Coe, C. ... , 2011, Population differences in proinflammatory biology: Japanese have healthier profiles than Americans., Brain Behav Immun

 Cohen, M., ... , 2013, The association between bereavement and biomarkers of inflammation. , Behav Med

 Tsenkova, V. ... , 2014, Anger, adiposity, and glucose control in nonidabetic adults: Findings from MIDUS II., J Behav Med

 Turiano, N. ... , 2012, Personality and substance use in midlife: Conscientiousness as a moderator and the effects of trait change., J Res Pers

 Zimprich, D., ... , 2012, Factorial structure and age-related psychometrics of the MIDUS personality adjective items across the life span., Psychol Assess

 Teo, A. ... , 2013, Social relationships and depression: Ten-year follow-up from a nationally representative study. , PLoS ONE


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