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Featured Publications  Kuhlman, K. ... , 2018, Screening for childhood adversity: The what and when of identifying individuals at risk for lifespan health disparities., J Behav Med

 Chung, ... , 2017, Social support, social strain, sleep quality, and actigraphic sleep characteristics: Evidence from a national survey of US adults., Sleep Health

 Luo, J., ... , 2017, Genetic and environmental pathways underlying personality traits and perceived stress: Concurrent and longitudinal twin studies. , Eur J Pers

 Brown, T. ... , 2018, Discrimination hurts: The effect of discrimination on the development of chronic pain., Soc Sci Med

 Jung, J. ... , 2018, Childhood adversity, religion, and change in adult mental health., Res Aging

 Hostinar, C. ... , 2017, Frontal brain asymmetry, childhood maltreatment, and low-grade inflammation at midlife., Psychoneuroendocrinology.

 Zahodne, L. ... , 2016, Racial disparities in cognitive performance in mid- and late adulthood: Analyses of two cohort studies., J Am Geriatr Soc

 Lin, K. ... , 2018, Working, parenting and work-home spillover: Gender differences in the work-home interface across the life course., Adv Life Course Res


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