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Featured Publications  Boylan, J. ... , 2015, Psychological well-being and metabolic syndrome: Findings from the Midlife in the United States national sample., Psychosom Med

 Selvarajan, T. ... , 2013, Social support and work-family conflict: A test of an indirect effects model. , J Vocat Behav

 Friedman, E. ... , 2015, Early life adversity and adult biological risk profiles, Psychosom Med

 Teo, A. ... , 2013, Social relationships and depression: Ten-year follow-up from a nationally representative study. , PLoS ONE

 Miyamoto, Y., ... , 2013, Negative emotions predict elevated interleukin-6 in the United States but not in Japan., Brain Behav Immun

 Crandall, C. ... , 2015, Adult bone strength of children from single-parent families: The Midlife in the U.S. Study., Osteoporos Int

 Curhan, K. ... , 2014, Subjective and objective hierarchies and their relations to psychological well-being: A US /Japan comparison., Soc Psychol Personal Sci

 Kiefer, D. ... , 2014, The overlap of dietary supplement and pharmaceutical use in the MIDUS national study., Evid Based Complement Alternat Med

 Busseri, M. ... , 2014, Do (even) depressed individuals believe that life gets better and better? The link between depression and subjective trajectories for life satisfaction. , Clin Psychol Sci

 Turiano, N. ... , 2015, Personality and the leading behavior contributors of mortality., Health Psychol


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