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Featured Publications  Nguyen, V. ... , 2022, Why sleep is key: Poor sleep quality is a mechanism for the bidirectional relationship between major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder across 18 years., J Anxiety Disord

 Miller, S. ... , 2023, Sense of control and likelihood of prescription drug misuse 10-years later among middle-aged and older adults., Aging Ment Health

 Ganzach, Y., ... , 2022, Top-down versus bottom-up processes in the formation of positive and negative retrospective affect., Cogn Emot

 Jurgens, S. ... , 2023, Inflammatory biomarkers link perceived stress with metabolic dysregulation., Brain Behav Immun Health

 Trudel-Fitzgerald, C., ... , 2022, Are coping strategies and variability in their use associated with lifespan?, J Psychosom Res

 Freilich, C. ... , 2023, Comparing associations between personality and loneliness at midlife across three cultural groups., J Pers

 Pedersen, W. ... , 2022, Individual variation in white matter microstructure is related to better recovery from negative stimuli., Emotion

 Glei, D. ... , 2023, In the midst of a pandemic, more introverted individuals may have a mortality advantage., Dialogues Health


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